Wanda Roberson Ministries​ 

About Us

Wanda Roberson is Assistant Pastor of The EmPowerment Center Church in Katy, Texas.  She has been serving with her husband Apostle David O. Roberson for over twenty years, "empowering people to live successful God centered lives." Ordained to the Office of Prophet in 1995, her life mission is to, "Develop a People For Kingdom Dominion."  

She is anointed to preach, teach, and prophecy with power, skill and grace.  her message is one of hope, encouragement, inspiration and deliverance.  As a Prophet, she has traveled the globe equipping churches in the prophetic, laying apostolic/prophetic foundation, and bringing fullness of God's strength, and wisdom to His people.

She is Founder and President of Wanda Roberson Ministries (WRM).  WRM is a multi-faceted international ministry designed to teach, train, and develop people for the end time harvest, minister to the emotional and social/economic needs of women around the globe, she serves the Body of Christ thru Mentorship Programs, Leadership Training, Retreats, and Prophetic Conferences.  WRM established an International School of the Prophets in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Wanda is Vice-president of two non-profit and one for profit corporation.  She holds an undergraduate degree in Fashion Merchandising, from the University of Bridgeport (Bridgeport, Connecticut).   Wanda and her husband David reside in Katy Texas, where they work as an Apostolic/Prophetic Team to strengthen the Body of Christ-universal.  They have five children and nine grandchildren.